one-n-tenCommunity Equality Recipient

    Over two decades ago Linda Elliott co-founded the Arizona Steering Committee for the Human Rights Campaign and has been one of the most visible and active members of the Phoenix LGBTQ community ever since. She and those early members helped build a team that fended off attacks on marriage equality and efforts to institutionalize discrimination. Then, when the need arose for a strong leader to guide our local LGBTQ youth, Linda stepped up. She has always been passionate about improving the lives of those in our community, especially disadvantaged youth.
    Since 2011 as Executive Director at one-n-ten, Linda helped develop and extend one-n-ten’s capabilities to serve LGBTQ youth and young adults ages 14 – 24 in Arizona. one-n-ten’s programs help enhance the lives of local LGBTQ youth by providing empowering social and service programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance, leadership development and healthy life choices.
    The following are a few notable examples of programs she’s left her indelible imprint on:

    • Q High – an online high school diploma program
    • OUTdoors! Camp – the largest LGBTQ camp of its kind in the nation attracting youth from all over North America;
    • The Promise of a New Day (P.O.N.D) housing program for homeless youth
    • The YES program – a life skills and youth employment program
    • The opening of half a dozen one-n-ten satellite centers across Arizona

    After an arson attack destroyed the one-n-ten Youth Center last summer, Linda and her team have worked tirelessly to raise funds, then build a beautiful new Youth Center which opened late last year — all the while continuing to serve the needs of our local LGBTQ youth. Her tenacity and resolve are a reflection of the spirit and resiliency of the youth of one-n-ten we honor tonight.
    Linda recently handed the reins of one-n-ten over to Nate Rhoton who himself has risen as a local leader in the LGBT movement. We congratulate Nate on being named the new Executive Director and are confident that one-n-ten will continue to flourish under his leadership.